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About Us

Hi!  My name is Clyde and welcome!  Thanks for checking out our website and we hope you enjoy it.  In fact, we hope you enjoy it so much that you kick around buying something.  Just think, you could be on the ground floor of our T-shirt line.  You get the privilege of saying “I have a first generation Camp Here Gear T-shirt.”  Start out with a specific T-shirt that “represents” your style of camping.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking, tent camping or own a Class A Motorhome, we’re all just trying to enjoy the majestic beauty that surrounds us.  It doesn’t hurt getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the office either.

A few camping trips ago, we were sitting around the campfire and decided to start “recording” some of our best (or worst) camping memories.  We started a camping log and took a ton of pictures (you gotta love digital cameras) of the family, friends and the beauty and good times that surround us.  Then we thought, how can we share some of these comical moments with other campers and outdoor lovers?  How about on t shirts!  

We will have fresh topics in our blog section as well as T-shirts and great camping products.  The camping merchandise you find on here will be products that we personally have used, are using or would like to use.  That means you know they work.  Now this doesn’t mean that other items or brands don’t work or aren’t as good or as smartly priced, it simply means that we know for sure that a particular product works.

Please be patient, the site will grow with new stuff like merchandise, ideas, recipes and pictures.  Thank you so much for the support and we hope you enjoy your camping trips.

P.S. Feel free to tell your family, friends and coworkers about our website.  This is the only place where you’ll hear us say that  “traffic is a good thing.”

Camp on and remember, leave no trace and always check your fire, OUT is OUT.